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Subject: Latest 015 CAM specification draft

I just uploaded for review the revised 015 copy.
The goal with this edition is to get the syntax and
specification as close as possible to the CAM
processor implementation that Martin has done.
In the ZIP file you will find two files - one with
changes highlighted, and the other without.
Summarizing the changes:
1) Minor tweaks to functions and XSD structure to
    conform to the CAM implementation.
2) Updates to certain features - such as addition of
    conditionID to conditionals in Data Validation to
    allow future expansion of CAM processor
    implementation in a way that is in-line with
    the processor architecture.
3) Many corrections and tidy-up of English use and
    removal of redundant text.  Clarifications of
    behaviour of features.
4) Replace XSD document with latest version.  Ditto
    the DTD structure - re-assign XSD as the normative
    structure; DTD relegated to informational only role.
5) Completion of the merge content feature to support
    the UPU postal addresses use case.
The next objective is to have a final copy ready to go
to official release as a V1.0 candidate for vote.
Please spend the next two weeks reviewing the
documents and providing last minute fixes and
corrrections so we can edit those in.   We can
never probably achieve 100% prefection here - but
I believe we have this close to 98% at the moment
in terms of discrepancies and errata.
My aim is to re-publish then on or about the 18th February,
and then move to a formal vote on acceptance of the V1.0
specification as is at that point.
Once again my thanks to Martin for his work and for
providing both the implementation and feedback on
all aspects of the technical details.
Thanks, DW.

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