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Subject: Re: [cam] Context for SOAs

Thanks to all for your responses. I should have clarified that I wasn't
looking for an ebXML-specific response, but rather an approach that can
be leveraged for Web Services in general. Not all of my clients will be
using ebXML (and potentially none will*).


*This is not a statement regarding my support of ebXML (which is high),
but rather a reality that I have to work under.

Chiusano Joseph wrote:
> I just attended an excellent session on SOAs given by IONA (Eric
> Newcomer), Gartner, and [one of my company's competitors]. The idea of
> context for services came to my mind.
> More specifically, let's say that we have multiple service consumers in
> an SOA, but one particular consumer has a need to have its own
> context-driven version of a message or operation in a WSDL document that
> is being discovered. The OASIS WS-CAF TC does not cover this aspect of
> context (I verified with Eric Newcomer) - is this something we're
> considering covering in CAM?
> Thanks,
> Joe
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