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Subject: Initial comments on 015 spec'.

Martin has very tactfully noted to me offlist that
"all the waffle in the front selling CAM is not needed
in the spec'" - or words to that effect!
I agree with this - in fact I'd already sorta stepped down
this road with the Abstract that is new to 015.
Therefore I'm proposing to move what is currently
in the "Introduction" section to a separate document
called "CAM Design Backgrounder" and just post that
to Kavi as such for any party who may care about that
in future.
Then promote the Abstract up to be the Introduction,
with maybe just a paragraph or two giving broad
introductory details (just some low grade light waffle!).
Anyway - as I'm consolidating all these change
requests - this is an FYI that I'll make these edits
unless someone feels we absolutely need the
extended introduction to remain.  In which case
please let us know accordingly.
The plan remains to consolidate all feedback and
then publish the revised documents once we
have all that reconciled.
Thanks, DW.

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