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Subject: RE: OASIS Naming Rules

	I am working on two TC schemas where the naming of the schemas
namespaces and locations of schemas.  We could do with this being
resolve quickly.

	The two issues we need resolving, is what should an OASIS
namespace look like - for example should be be versioned, should it be a
URN -urn:org.oasis-open:tcname:schemaname:version or

	In both of the above, but especially in the second it would be
good to know if the url could be resolved to a particular location.


Martin Roberts 
xml designer, 
BT Exact
e-mail: martin.me.roberts@bt.com 
tel: +44(0) 1473 609785  clickdial
fax: +44(0) 1473 609834
Intranet Site :http://twiki.btlabs.bt.co.uk/twiki

-----Original Message-----
From: Eve L. Maler [mailto:Eve.Maler@Sun.COM] 
Sent: 15 February 2004 15:10
To: Roberts,MME,Martin,XSG3 R
Cc: Norman.Walsh@Sun.COM; Eduardo Gutentag; Scott McGrath
Subject: Re: OASIS Naming Rules

Hello Martin,

It appears that the Quality subcommittee of the OASIS TAB (technical 
architecture(?) board) is working on revising the document right now.  I

have copied Eduardo Gutentag, who offered this news just a couple of 
days ago, so that he can convey your questions to the TAB.

I do know that OASIS is well aware of the need to have persistent and 
predictable URLs for schema resolution (and other) purposes, having 
heard requests from quite a few TCs!  I don't know about the schedule 
for supporting these features in their document repository system, 
though.  Scott McGrath, also copied here, is the person to ask about


martin.me.roberts@bt.com wrote:
> Dear both,
>         I am about to produce two schemas and went looking for the
> naming convention and found the OASIS Document File Naming working
draft 02.
>         Two questions.
>         1) when will it come out of being a working draft.
>         2) it would be good if it could include something on the 
> naming
> of targetNamespace URI in Oasis specs.
>         On the last matter is there another document somewhere?    I 
> have seen various flavours being used some with _http:/..._
> and
> some urn:....
>         A related question is if we use _http://..._ <http://...> is
> a
> way to actually get the schemas etc into a location that would resolve

> to the document?
> /Martin Roberts/
> xml designer,
> BT Exact
> *****e-mail:* martin.me.roberts@bt.com
> ***tel:* +44(0) 1473 609785  _clickdial_
> <http://clickdial.bt.co.uk/clickdial?001609785.cld>
> *****fax:* +44(0) 1473 609834
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