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Subject: Version configuring of specification details

Martin has posted the XSD details to the document workspace
at OASIS.  I'm therefore seeing that it makes sense to remove
those pages from the actual specification appendix and
replace them with a simple note that points to the document
section of the OASIS CAM website area.
This will reduce the "throw-weight" of the main specification by
some 20+ pages, and also allows us to post bug-fixes to the
XSD without having to re-do the specification document itself.
This seems much cleaner all round.   If anyone has any
concerns or issues please let us know, otherwise we will
continue down this path. 
An additional note here is that the BPSS team has asked
OASIS for static URLs for use in publishing specification
components.  Once we have those as well then we will
be able to take advantage of that to point to a static
location on the OASIS server too.
Thanks, DW.

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