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Subject: Re: [cam] RE: OASIS Naming Rules

martin.me.roberts@bt.com wrote:

>	The issue is that since OASIS introduced KAVI any schema files
>released by a TC end up sitting a some completely horrible URL that is
>KAVI based and not really related to the TC.  It would be good to have a
>release location that was not KAVI based or a tool on KAVI that allowed
>public URLs to resolve to KAVI based files.
+1 on Martin's comments above.

This has been a serious limitation for spec work in all the TCs.

This is further compounded by teh fact that if you edit the file the URL 
It is an absolutely untenable situation and costs us tons of work.

Scott (M.) , any advice on how to deal with the issue (particularly the 
changing of the URL on edits).
What is the ETA for a fix that allows user defined URLs similar to how 
ebXML Registry 2.5
does it.


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