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Subject: New jCAM available - DROOLS + data mapper support


I'm pleased to announce that thanks to Martins' outstanding efforts over the
past few weeks we now have an upgraded jCAM that supports use of the DROOLs
rule engine with CAM.  The new jCAM also has an enhanced pluggable interface
so that external mapping can be done with a choice of xslt, or bespoke data
mappers.  Martin has also included some base support for registry
interfacing too - that we can expand later this year as the ebXml Registry
work continues to mature.  Best of all - there is a new jumptart feature and
mini-tutorial - that shows you how to quickly create a default CAM
validation template from any XML source input sample.

You can download the try the new version from http://www.jcam.org.uk

Over the coming weeks we'll be updating the materials and artifacts in line
with the work Martin has trailblazed for us.

Also - the new approach allows us to re-factor our specification and
streamline it considerably.  All feedback on the new jCAM is welcome.

I'm planning to start working on a new draft CAM v1.5 specification next
month - and to hold some design and discussion conference calls once we
begin that work here.

Thanks, DW

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