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Subject: New jCAM 0.8.5 package updated

Martin has just posted a revised download package to sourceforge - http://www.jcam.org.uk
This fixed some configuration issues with the tar packaging of all the files and the cam.jar file.
Also - the batch files now need to be manually edited to set the root parameter and to change the class name to drop the word 'processor' - e.g. class name is now just - uk.org.jcam.CAM
The revised text for the run.bat is therefore just the following below.
I'm continuing some testing this week - and I'm planning to start editing the current specification to incorporate all the lessons learned from the past 5 months - hopefully by the end of May first draft - so we can get everyone's input from there.  Again the PPT posted to the doc's in Kavi gives you a highlevel view of the changes - essentially making CAM much more pluggable and able to accommodate peoples favourite existing java tools!
Enjoy, DW
============ run.bat ============
set root="..\"
rem Option check   : -c
rem Option verbose : -v
rem Option xmlfile : -X %XMLINPUTFILE%
rem Option outfile : -S %OUTPUTFILENAME"%
rem Option template: -T %CAMTEMPLATE%
rem Option params(optional: -P parameterName=parameterValue
java -cp %root%jcam/jcam.jar;%root%lib/jdom.jar;%root%lib/saxon7.jar;%root%lib/jaxen-core.jar;%root%lib/jaxen-jdom.jar;%root%lib/saxpath.jar;%root%lib/commons-cli-1.0.jar uk.org.jcam.CAM -c -v -X %XMLINPUTFILE% -T %CAMTEMPLATE% -S %OUTPUTFILE%

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