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Subject: RE: New jCAM 0.8.5 package updated

Thanks for the clarification. 
I think most people will not need to explore the scripting extensions out the box - that's definately an advanced feature - so the exe is a great new addition!
Thanks, DW

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: New jCAM 0.8.5 package updated
From: martin.me.roberts@bt.com
Date: Wed, May 03, 2006 12:33 pm
To: <david@drrw.info>, <cam@lists.oasis-open.org>

Dear all,
  I have made a further improvement for those who want to use jcam from the command line on windows.  There is now an jcam.exe file in the root directory of the env packaged file.  This allows you to simply go to that directory in the windows command window and type jcam.  This takes all the problems with classpaths away.
  The exe at the moment will not work with the scripting extensions. 
Martin Roberts


From: David RR Webber (XML) [mailto:david@drrw.info]
Sent: 02 May 2006 21:17
Cc: Roberts,MME,Martin,XBX R
Subject: New jCAM 0.8.5 package updated

Martin has just posted a revised download package to sourceforge - http://www.jcam.org.uk
This fixed some configuration issues with the tar packaging of all the files and the cam.jar file.
Also - the batch files now need to be manually edited to set the root parameter and to change the class name to drop the word 'processor' - e.g. class name is now just - uk.org.jcam.CAM
The revised text for the run.bat is therefore just the following below.
I'm continuing some testing this week - and I'm planning to start editing the current specification to incorporate all the lessons learned from the past 5 months - hopefully by the end of May first draft - so we can get everyone's input from there.  Again the PPT posted to the doc's in Kavi gives you a highlevel view of the changes - essentially making CAM much more pluggable and able to accommodate peoples favourite existing java tools!
Enjoy, DW
============ run.bat ============
set root="..\"
rem Option check   : -c
rem Option verbose : -v
rem Option xmlfile : -X %XMLINPUTFILE%
rem Option outfile : -S %OUTPUTFILENAME"%
rem Option template: -T %CAMTEMPLATE%
rem Option params(optional: -P parameterName=parameterValue
java -cp %root%jcam/jcam.jar;%root%lib/jdom.jar;%root%lib/saxon7.jar;%root%lib/jaxen-core.jar;%root%lib/jaxen-jdom.jar;%root%lib/saxpath.jar;%root%lib/commons-cli-1.0.jar uk.org.jcam.CAM -c -v -X %XMLINPUTFILE% -T %CAMTEMPLATE% -S %OUTPUTFILE%

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