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Subject: Submission of SML to W3C - verification of CAM approach!

This was made yesterday to the W3C:
On brief initial review of this - seems like the team has followed very much the CAM approach here!
Thoughts / differenciators:
1) SML creates a lot of extension syntax whereas CAM uses XPath directly
2) CAM assertions are business-user friendly syntax - whereas SML uses arcane logic syntax
    e.g. in CAM 
       setLength(urn:IPAddress, 16)
    in SML
                 <sch:ns prefix="tns" uri="urn:IPAddress" />
                   <sch:pattern id="Length">
                      <sch:rule context=".">
                          <sch:assert test="count(tns:address) = 16">
3) Intriguingly - CAM processor could easily incorporate a SML step as part of post-processing
4) Does not seem like SML can do anything that CAM cannot
5) CAM can handle multiple structures and structure variances better I believe - and also context driven parsing.
Anyway - good to have the W3C validating our use case!

"The way to be is to do" - Confucius (551-472 B.C.)

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