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Subject: jCAM processor hits 5,000 download landmark and 20 downloads daily!

I'm very proud to announce that the jCAM implementation of OASIS CAM v1.1 available on SourceForge has passed 5,000 downloads and this week has been averaging 20 downloads a day.
This is a huge tribute to the dedication and hard work of Martin Roberts particularly in building the Eclipse based jCAM implementation.
We have also added a suite of XSLT tools to the jCAM package that provide ability to ingest and manipulate XSD schemas along with producing automated documentation and XML test case instances.
These have enabled us to work with a selection of OASIS TC's enhancing and crosschecking their XSD schema work.
The jump start tutorial is available here:
I look forward to sharing with the CAM team feedback and enhancements and improvements that we can now look to add to the next full release of the CAM specification.
Thanks, DW

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