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Subject: Draft Minutes 8th May 2013

Minutes 8th May 2013


Rackspace Hosting, Inc.	Roshan Agrawal	Voting Member
Oracle			Mark Carlson	Voting Member
Oracle			Martin Chapman	Chair
Fujitsu Limited		Jacques Durand	Voting Member
Oracle			Anish Karmarkar	Voting Member
Oracle			Ashok Malhotra	Voting Member
Rackspace Hosting, Inc.	Adrian Otto	Secretary
Vnomic			Derek Palma	Member
Oracle			Gilbert Pilz	Voting Member
Fujitsu Limited		Tom Rutt	Voting 	Member
Software AG, Inc.		Prasad Yendluri	Voting Member


     Prasad assumes scribe duties.
      Roll: names listed above, 10 of 15 (66%), meeting is quorate. 

     Topic: Agenda bashing. Add item on cloudplugfest
     Agenda approved

   1st May 2013:  https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/camp/email/archives/201305/msg00007.html 
     Topic: 1st May 2013, Minutes approval
     MOTION: Anish moves, Ashok seconds, approve 1st May 2013 Minutes.
     passed w/o

Topic: Administrivia

     Anish: Madrid , santa clara plugfest update
     ..Event 16th-18th sept, 13. Need volunteers for presentation..
     Mark: Plugfest in Santa Clara. 3-days (M-W). W-Thu (maybe Fri) in Madrid. Critical mass would be in Santa Clara
     Martin: We can do plugfest remotely and have someone speak at both events
     Mark: Opp. to do BOF session & Demo of CAMP in Santa Clara
     Anish: Again any volunteers for Madrid or I will check with Alex offline
Topic: Timeline
     Martin: still have 31 issues...

Topic: Editing team update

     wd10 available incorporating Gils editorial pass.
Topic: New Issues

     https://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/CAMP-66   Creating instance of a Platform Component
     Anish: Issue 30 (Parameters) resolution talks about parameters on a PlatformComponentTemplate and the fact that the platform MUST accept POST on
     ....     PlatformComponentTempaltes that specify parameters. This is a new feature that we have introduced.
     ..Given this resolution, we might want to specific exactly how those POSTs work by adding another subsection in the protocol section. Otherwise we will not have interop
     Ashok: q? If you want to create instance of platform component right?

     MOTION: Anish: Moves to open CAMP-66 as  priority P2, Ashok 2nds
     passed w/o
     Issue 66 is open

Topic: Issue 58

     https://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/CAMP-58   Justification for the common "created" attribute is unclear

     Gil's Proposal: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/camp/download.php/49108/camp-spec-v1.1-wd10-r2-issue-58.doc 
     Overview of changes:
        Remove the description of the common created attribute from Section 5
         Remove created from all outlines and examples
     Tom: Can you explain the rationale again?
     Gil: Nobody could think of why we need it..

     Jacques: Want to make sure that, does not preclude things we want do.. e.g. eTag mechanism (based on time-stamp)
     Anish: eTags are on HTTP headers. One of the reasons we are deleting created att
     Jacques: Time-stamp kind of info better stored in logs. May be out of scope of model for CAMP
     Ashok: eTags are used on the server. Server might use created, modified etc. time-stamps
     MOTIONL Gil: Moves to accept his proposal to resolve issue 58,     Anish: seconds
     RESOLUTION: Issue 58 resolved with Gil's proposal https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/camp/download.php/49108/camp-spec-v1.1-wd10-r2-issue-58.doc 
       Passed w/o

 Topic: Issue CAMP-17


     Tom: People need to review what I proposed. I need to change my proposal to fix resolution to 58
     Tom: futher explains his changes to the diagrams
     ... used UML notation w/o any migration arrows
     Don't want to vote on it today
     .. I will updated my proposal with changes to get rid of timestamp (issue 58)

 Topic: PDP

     Martin: Any updates from people involved in developing PDP further..
     Gil: Explains the latest proposal (section 4.2 Deployment plan)

     One of the proposals is to require deployment plan to be YAML file

     Proposal: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/camp/download.php/49086/camp-spec-v1.1-wd10%20%282%29-issue-4-v3.doc 
     Provides way to encapsulate TOSCA CSARs in CAMP PDP
     Adrian: Line numbers & examples seem off from what is referred to, in the description
     Anish: Suggests a way in Word?
     Tom: q on Target type
     different from resource type?
     Roshan: How do targettype name compare with requirement(...?)
     Derek: q reg. type name. Is that just a string or more semantics / interpretation?
     Gil: Needs thinking..
     Derek: Concerned about proliferation of names.. Orig. q was on discovery and mapping
     Gil: we could also have Platform Component Templates enumerate all the types they claim to represent
     Anish: All that is discoverable  from platform entrypoint
     Gil: so a PCT for Tomcat7 could claim "com.example.java:ServletContainer" *and* ?org.apache.tomcat:Tomcat7?
     Adrian: Does the proposal make clear what TargetType corresponds to..
     Gil: may need some work in that area.
     Jacques: Is there a formal way to specify what is a valid PDP (YAML schema?)
     Derek: Where would things like deployment port be specified?
      Gil: there is an example for that sort of thing (customization)
     ... Gil further explains
     Tom: Is there going to be metadata for the requirements
     Gil: Add more data to the linktype
     Ashok: Q on example 4.
     Gil: explains where they stand in the sub-group on the proposal.. relationship between a component and its requirement is opaque, 
     ... what a platform is supposed to do with the requirement

     Martin: Alex is trying to organize another call
     Gil: another problem related to deployment plan having a version

Topic: AOB

       Straggler roll: Adrian and Derek

Meeting Adjourned

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