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Subject: RE: [camp] PDP subcommittee and next meeting

Thank you Alex,


On the dropbox you can find the Seaclouds-Negotiation-Main-V0.2. with
the last changes suggested by Alex. I've re-shaped the Standardization
ppt as well. 
Please feel free to comment. 

The only slides missing at this moment are the slides from NURO.

See you in a couple of hours.

Thx and Regards

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From: camp@lists.oasis-open.org [mailto:camp@lists.oasis-open.org] On
Behalf Of Alex Heneveld
Sent: martes, 14 de mayo de 2013 12:29
To: Martin Chapman
Cc: camp@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [camp] PDP subcommittee and next meeting

Only concern is that there are other P1 issues to discuss and at least
one proposal.
If there is a capable pro-tem chair volunteer that might be better?


On 13/05/2013 18:55, Martin Chapman wrote:
> Alex et al,
> I will probably not be able to make this Wednesday's TC call so I was
thinking of cancelling and handing over the time slot to a pdp call -
this would not be a formal call to maintain voting rights etc.
> Thoughts?
> Martin.
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Alex Heneveld [mailto:alex.heneveld@cloudsoftcorp.com]
>> Sent: 13 May 2013 18:17
>> To: camp@lists.oasis-open.org
>> Subject: [camp] PDP subcommittee and next meeting
>> Hi folks-
>> Thanks to all who joined the call just now.  Productive.  My notes 
>> and thoughts below.
>> I'll send an invite to the list for tomorrow's call at 4pm UK / 8am 
>> PDT, using GTM details (with Switzerland for Anish this time):
>>      https://www3.gotomeeting.com/join/759306270
>>      United States:  1 (646) 982-0002
>>      United Kingdom:  44 (0) 203 535 0624
>>      Switzerland:  41 (0) 435 0167 07
>>      Germany:  49 (0) 811 8899 6976
>>      Ireland:  353 (0) 14 845 975
>>      Access Code: 759-306-270
>> Best,
>> Alex
>> (Not intended as a transcript of the call, but my sense and my 
>> thoughts.  Please feel free to amend by email.)
>> DP component specs --
>>       typically become components, and often the platform will supply

>> more components;
>>      but the platform MAY NOT reflect a component in the DP spec with

>> a component in the platform
>>      (e.g. in a paas which e.g. uses a WAR as an input but doesn't 
>> model them as top-level ACT's)
>> There are valid reasons why people would want to represent a Platform

>> Component in the DP (e.g. providing a concrete topology, asking for a

>> server, asking for a git repo); but in general leaving it abstract, 
>> giving App Components (artifacts) and requirements, is likely to be 
>> more portable / better.
>> Requirements as explicit types (Alex's (1b) ) tentatively seems 
>> clearer now, vs
>> (1a) in Alex's note from Gil.
>> Requirements expressed in such a way provide abstraction independent 
>> of the component nodes -- more flexible than just components, and 
>> more formal and dependable than mixins (1c).
>> Traits as requirements (Alex's (2a) ) as a peer to "relationship"
>> requirements seems a reasonable
>> approach but need more time to process.  The line between a "provider

>> / supertype" requirement on a component and the "relationship" is
blurry -- e.g.
>> in case of a git repo, it might be part of a component (e.g. 
>> OpenShift) or it might be a separate component.
>> END
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