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Subject: PDP discussion notes

Quick update on the PDP discussion today, two main outcomes:

- deeper scrutiny of (1b) requirements and fulfillment -- people present seemed in agreement it is a good stake in the ground
- discussion of other open PDP issues:  imports (and some overrides); parameters (and referencing, functions)

Thanks Ashok, Derek, and Mark.

No meeting tomorrow.


Soaphub transcript:

Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): PDP discussion
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): Agenda:
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): - Alex's Q1
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): - what else do we need to consider -- importing subplans, passing and defining parameters
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): Other issues:
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): - how do you set other properties (of a component's container rather than a component itself)
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): e.g. 2 databases which need labels when their jdbc requirement is specified on a war
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): - parameterisation
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): supplying parameter definitions (constraints) & being able to re-use them
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): & overriding it
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): & overriding a "deep" property (import of an import) ?
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): (nice if it's flat but real systems can have complex requirement trees)
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): (but that's not what we should address right away, not beyond basic composability / substitutability / import)
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): - how we deal with references and things which want functional transformations
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): eg fn::format(...)
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): ugly but less ugly than others
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): is there a dsl-native way to express?  how do you validate it?
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): eclipse xtext - grammar for DSL
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): - fulfillment ?  worth it?  advanced, not needed too often, but gives a lot of power... (Alex)
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): Derek: really nice, because when user knows what they want, they can specify it
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): ACTIONS
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft): Alex to update Gil's proposal with latest thinking (components, requirements, fulfillment) and include at least 1 complex example (2 databases?)


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