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Subject: FW: [camp-comment] CAMP 1.1 Working Draft 19 feedback

I will log this as a public review comment.


From: Paul Montgomery [mailto:paul.montgomery@RACKSPACE.COM]
Sent: 01 August 2013 23:33
To: camp-comment@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [camp-comment] CAMP 1.1 Working Draft 19 feedback


In section 4.2.1 on Types, I found this text:


"Deployment Plans can contain descriptions of artifacts, services and their relationships. However, it is outside the scope of this specification to provide detailed definitions of these entities. Instead Deployment Plans use ‘type’ nodes to identify these things. ‘Type’ nodes are Strings that describe entities that are managed by CAMP, but whose value and semantics are defined outside the CAMP specification. For example, a group of PaaS providers could agree to use the artifact type “org.rpm:RPM” to identify RPM packages. Line 03 in Example 1, above, is an example of the use of such a type." …


How will interoperability between vendors be achieved?  Will OASIS manage/approve common artifact types in the future?


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