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Subject: Scrum sessions for issue proposals

We can talk about this on Wednesday, but I thought I would throw this out in there in order for people to clear diaries!


We are getting close to our revised deadline for a 2nd PR yet we still have 36 issues open – 15 of which are PR issues!

A couple of these (83, 44) I know people are working on proposals, but for the rest I am concerned that if we don’t focus our dates will slip again.


What I would therefore like to propose is that we organize informal scrum sessions to go through all open issues and  ensure we have proposals[*] in JIRA that can then be brought for approved at our formal Wednesday meetings.


To this end, and in attempt to keep with the schedule agreed to in London,  I would propose that we meet this Thursday, Friday ( 7 and 8th) and next Monday and Tuesday (11 and 12th) from 4 to 6pm UK time (8am to 10am Pacific) each day. Not all TC members need to attend, and you don’t have to attend all of them, but ideally we need  a core set and cross section  to make this effective and to reduce debate in formal TC meeting.


Who would be available and willing to join these sessions?





[*] a proposal should be exact text changes (or unambiguous editor instructions), close no action, or defer to CAMP 1.2


Martin Chapman | Standards Strategy & Policy EMEA
+353 87 179 0627

ORACLE Ireland

Green Oracle

Oracle is committed to developing practices and products that help protect the environment



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