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Subject: notes from scrum session 3 - 11 nov 2013

Attendees: Martin, Gil, Ashok, Mark, Tom(towards the very end)

Agreed for 147 that we do not need a rule for non-terminals so cna

issue 117
in 4.3 delete "Note the description of the structures and information in this section utilize 

YAMLs nomenclature."
in the rest of 4.3 in any psuedo-schema change the notation from

change from:

literal: ?
    non-literal +

  literal: non-literal[] ?

agreed to the proposal for 117

Issue - 73 make figures consistent - action on gil to have a stab

close no action, we are not going to add an endpoint attribute at the component level. 

However should someone want to propose a new type  that should be raised as a new issue.
agree to the proposal

we havent added back pointers everywhere, and now we have a simpler model its not clear 

we need to
agreed: proposal to close no action

close no action as we have no standard operation names therefore stanadrad status names 

make no sense. re-visit after some interop experience

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