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Subject: Re: [camp] Next weeks call

Martin and TC,

I may miss next week's call because I'm hosting a 2-day Solum design workshop in San Francisco that conflicts with it. A number of the TC members will be in attendance though, so I will poll them to see if maybe we can carve out a breakout session to dial into the CAMP meeting.

Perhaps another approach to help the processing of issues is for us to prepare a brief for each of them in advance to help focus discussion here on the ML prior to our meeting so we can move through them on the call more quickly? I have a feeling that if we try this, we may actually be able to shorten the meeting to 60 minutes rather than extending it, as most of our discussion will happen by email in advance. 

We can do this by posting a comment to each of the issues in Jira that summarizes the issue in terms of a problem statement, and a summary of the proposal (with a link), and invite discussion. That way each TC member will get a compact abstract of each of the open issues by email, and that can trigger a discussion thread. I am willing to review a number of them and post in this way. Thoughts?



On Nov 14, 2013, at 9:12 AM, Martin Chapman <martin.chapman@oracle.com> wrote:

As a result of updating JIRA after yesterdays meeting we have 19 issues still outstanding. About 9 of them have proposals, and it would be nice to dispose of these as quickly as possible. To that end, how do people feel about the camp call being extended to two hours next Wednesday to attack this backlog i.e. an extra 30 minutes?
Please let me know asap.
Martin Chapman | Standards Strategy & Policy EMEA
+353 87 179 0627

ORACLE Ireland
Green Oracle
Oracle is committed to developing practices and products that help protect the environment

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