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Subject: Re: [camp] Fwd: new json RFC at IETF - RFC7159

I looked at the RFC and searched for 'interop' as Tim's blog suggests. Here are the differences:

1) object keys SHOULD be unique. Our spec disallows (SHALL NOT) duplicate keys. So this version is better than previous version in this regard.

2) This spec allows simple values without curly braces or brackets. So something like "4" or "true" is valid JSON. This gets rid of the difference between ECMA and IETF specs. Since our resources (at the top level) are objects, it doesn't affect us.

3) The encoding requirement (UTF8/16/32) are much stronger (SHALL). RFC4627 does not have a SHALL/MUST regd this.

4) BOM is disallowed in the new spec for serialized JSON.

5) Lots of advice about interop.


On 3/6/14 4:58 PM, ashok malhotra wrote:

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Subject: 	new json RFC at IETF - RFC7159
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See Tim Bray's notes at

[oops, I made a typo in the email address and this didn't go through
before; I see Mike Kay has since posted about it, but he didn't link to
Tim's blog which gives the background]

Liam Quin - XML Activity Lead, W3C,http://www.w3.org/People/Quin/
Pictures from old books:http://fromoldbooks.org/
Ankh: irc.sorcery.net irc.gnome.org freenode/#xml

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