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camp message

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Subject: raw chat log for 25th August 2015



Martin Chapman | Director, Standards Strategy & Policy EMEA

Work:   +353 1   803 1912
+353 87 179 0627

ORACLE Ireland

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MartinC: 1. Intro: Roll, Scribe
2. Agenda
3. Minutes: none available
4. Implementation status
5. New issues: https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/CAMP-197 
6. Open issues: https://issues.oasis-open.org/issues/?jql=project%20%3D%20CAMP%20AND%20status%20%3D%20Open%20ORDER%20BY%20priority 
7. AOB
MartinC: Martin pro-tem chair
anonymous morphed into David Laurance (JPMC)
MartinC: reminder that we are using the new conference number
Tom Rutt (Fujitsu)3: Scribe: David Laurance
MartinC: roll: MartinC, Gil, Mike, Don, David, Tom,
David Laurance (JPMC): No changes to the agenda.
MartinC: meeting is quorate
David Laurance (JPMC): 4. Implementation Status - No updates
David Laurance (JPMC): 5. CAMP 197 - Motion to open by Tom / seconded by Mike
David Laurance (JPMC): Motion passes
MartinC: s/open/open as p3/
David Laurance (JPMC): Gil: continue discussion of 190
MartinC: https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/CAMP-190
MartinC: although Camp-190 was resolved last week Gil as editor had problems incorporating the resolution. Re-discussing the proposal.
David Laurance (JPMC): Gil moves to change the status of CAMP-190 from Resolved to Open, based upon the ambiguity exposed during editing.
David Laurance (JPMC): Tom seconds the motion.
David Laurance (JPMC): Discussion on the motion: none; Objections: none
David Laurance (JPMC): CAMP-190 is re-opened.
David Laurance (JPMC): Tom: What value will appear in the type attribute when you do a get on a Platform?  Gil: If you do a get on Platform, the type would be "Platform".
alex heneveld (cloudsoft): good day @/all - sorry i'm late
MartinC: when alex squeaks I will add him to the roll call
David Laurance (JPMC): Mike: The type_definition.name is intended to be human-readable.
David Laurance (JPMC): Gil: attribute_definition and type_definition are the only two resources where name is constrained.
David Laurance (JPMC): Gil: Propose that Mike take the next pass, change to "exactly one resource type," add text, and then produce V3.
MartinC: add alex and jacques to roll call
MartinC: AOB
Sent transcript to: martin.chapman@oracle.com

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