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Subject: Wanted: recommendations for UML tool

I'm trying to recreate Tom's diagrams and update it w/ all the changes that we made to the model. To that end I have been trying out/investigating UML tools for class diagrams. Any recommendations?

I looked at/tried the following:

1) Enterprise Architect: it is not free, more importantly it is available only on Windows.

2) GenMyModel.com: browser based. I started recreating Tom's diagrams and quite liked it. Unfortunately the free version is limited to ~5 classes. So unworkable.

3) Creately/Gliffy: free version is very short term/limited. Didn't like the interface/features much either.

4) ObjectAim UML explorer Eclipse plugin: looking at some of the diagrams online they seem to be Java-specific. But I have tried it out yet.

Has anyone tried StarUML 2?



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