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Subject: RE: [camp] Component resource and related components

I have never seen the value in the related components.  Either the relationships exist through the back-links to the assembly, or they don't.  Our notion of "related" is so vague that it is possible to omit this list without breaking the API, so we have never considered it a priority to remove this until now.


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Sent: 16 March 2017 16:58
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Subject: [camp] Component resource and related components

A component resource points to a collection of related components.

Let's assume that a component C1 from assembly A1 is related to components C2 from assembly A2 and C3 from assembly A3. Where would such a collection of related components of C1 live?

I believe this is an issue because of the changes we made to inline collection items instead of having just pointers to items.



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