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Subject: TAB-1547 issue w/ CAMP 1.2


The CAMP TC would like to understand TAB-1547 (https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/TAB-1547) that was filed with the priority as "blocker".

The issue states the following:

"That is to say that the conformance requirements defined in Appendix C.2 Non-Mandatory, are discarded and rendered nugatory by this definition of conformance targets. Why SHOULD and MAY requirements are defined only to be ignored isn't clear.

SHOULD and MAY carry less force than SHALL but for interchange purposes, are not valueless. "

Appedix C.1 and C.2 are used in defining what a particular conformance target has to do to *claim* *conformance*. To claim conformance one has to comply with all the "SHALL"s and not the "SHOULD"s and "MAY"s. Not being necessary for *claiming* *conformance* does not make them irrelevant. "SHOULD"s "MAY"s are quite important for implementers and for interop/portability. "SHALL"s sets only the minimum bar for conformant implementations.

Perhaps you could elaborate on the issue to help the CAMP TC understand it better (?).



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