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Subject: Liaison statement from ITU-T SG12: LS on New Recommendation Y.cvms, "Considerations for Realizing Virtual Measurement Systems"

attachment: sp16-sg12-oLS-00073.zip

Hi everyone,Â

Please see the attached liaison statement from ITU-T SG12 informing us of the Consent of draft new Recommendation ITU-T Y.cvms, âConsiderations for Realizing Virtual Measurement Systems" at the ITU-T SG12 meeting in DecemberÂ2018.Â

This liaison statement invites your feedback on topics seen as valuable for further study. SG12-TD703R1, the recommendation document, is included in the package. It's summary reads:Â

"As network service providers seek to take advantage of the scale, flexible deployment, and cost reductions first realized in cloud computing, they have begun to define new architectures for their infrastructure in order to realize network function virtualization (NFV). At the same time, measurement functions will be implemented for deployment as virtual functions. This document makes recommendations in key areas such as On-Demand Deployment and Accuracy Considerations. Development of virtualized measurement systems in areas highly relevant to SG 12 work are in the early stages, so this Recommendation is timely."

Best regards,Â

Chet Ensign
Chief Technical Community Steward
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society

Primary: +1 973-996-2298
Mobile: +1 201-341-1393Â

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