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Subject: Re: [cap-dev] Implementation Guide

Deanna -

At 12:26 PM -0600 8/19/04, you wrote:
>Does anyone know when this will be available?

Not sure... right now we're adding to our implementation 
experience... and identifying areas that could use clarification (so 
thanks for raising these points!)

>If it isn't available soon, I do have one question that keeps coming up
>at our developer meeting, what is meant by required?  In other words,
>can we send a NULL element <certainty> or must a value be provided?

"Required" means a multiplicity of 1..n.  And since the <certainty> 
element is constrained to an enumerated set of values, the closest 
thing to a null value would be <certainty>Unknown</certainty>.  (And 
yes, that was a deliberate choice to encourage information/alerting 
providers to start evaluating and disclosing the certainty or un- of 
their messages... the social-science folks tell us that's a key 
factor in effective risk communication, especially over the longer 

>Also, how important is the ability to link alerts?  At this time, most
>of our alerts are information rather than warnings.  However, we as part
>of a new partnership, we are becoming involved with geocoded warning

Right now CAP provides two linking mechanisms.  The provision for 
linking CAP messages directly through the <references> element is for 
update, cancellation or acknowledgement message, in which cases 
there's a need to know what earlier message is being updated, 
cancelled or acknowledged.  Likewise, the <incidents> element can be 
used to link messages indirectly by their common reference to an 
incident name or identifier.  Not sure if those are the sorts of 
linking you had in mind.

>Finally, is there going to be a governing body that evaluates compliance
>with the standard?  Thanks in advance!

So far, as I understand it, the OASIS Emergency Management Technical 
Committee has chosen not to take on a certification role.  It appears 
possible that at some point in the future the Department of Homeland 
Security might undertake that as part of a larger Emergency Data 
Exchange initiative that's getting underway, but that's by no means 
certain.  Right now compliance is being coordinated informally 
through this discussion group, another one sponsored by the 
Partnership for Public Warning, and among the members of the 
Emergency Interoperability Consortium.

- Art

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