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Subject: Implementation Questions

I'm happy to be one of the Implementation Guide "guinea pigs!"  Thanks
for answering my questions so quickly and concisely.  However, I do have
a few more questions:

	Alert.sender is required to be globally unique.  However,
alert.identifier does not have the same requirement.  Was this
intentional?  We intend to base both the identifier and sender on our
client's domain name.  Will this be a problem?

	Alert.scope:  What is meant by "known operational requirement?"
Our system identifies members by organizational affiliation, such as
Fire Department, and role, such as Battalion Chief.  Using these
identifiers, along with location, we can create target groups.  Would
this be an example of a known operational requirement?

	Alert.scope:  It seems to me that addressing will be an obstacle
that must be overcome.  I have seen the EPAD specifications, but it
could be awhile before this is in place.  Has there been any discussion
on specifying the use of a directory service, such as LDAP?

That should do it for now.  One thing that I would have loved to have
when I started this project is an Excel spreadsheet of the data
dictionary.  It helps when mapping our data to CAP.  I did create my own
if anyone is interested.  Thanks in advance.  

Deanna Rider
Product Development Director

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