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Subject: Question re: alert.sent

I have a question about the sent element.  I am trying to interpret the
meaning of "origination" of the message based on our process:

*	A user creates an alert and submits it to another user for
approval.  This action generates a creation date/time.
*	A user approves an alert for publication and notification.  This
action generates a posted date/time.
*	When the alert is approved, the approver assigns a start
date/time to an alert that determines when it should be published on a
website and when notification of the publication should be sent to
designated recipients.  This action generates a start date/time.
*	Notifications (e-mail, phone, pager, etc) are sent to the user
when the start date/time has passed.  This action generates a notified

I am guessing that the date you want is the posted date, but I hate to
take actions based on assumptions.  Thanks in advance for your

Deanna Rider
Product Development Director

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