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Subject: Need help with WebCGM Events!

Hi all,

  I'm stuck on the Event interfaces :-|

  I need to know why events are needed in the WebCGM DOM?  I need
  more examples of what people want to do?

  I'm asking since (in my opinion), the DOM Events Level 2 spec is a
  fairly complex thing to implement.  I think we have to scale it down
  or we won't get any interoperability between vendors.  There are
  many interfaces within the DOM Events and I'm trying to determine
  which one are needed for WebCGM.

  So far, I've only heard about one use case and it is this one (along
  these lines anyway):

  - A user clicks on an APS within an WebCGM illustration, the script
  extracts the ID of the clicked APS and goes to the 'outside' to
  gather more information about given object (i.e., part).

  What else do people want to do?

  Could I get an example how someone would use the new highlight
  function we just added?

  How are we expecting authoring tools (if we are) to take advantage
  of WebCGM Events?

  Do any of the proprietary APIs provide any events functionality
  (click, mouseup, mousedown, mouseover, onload etc...)?


 Benoit                 mailto:benoit@itedo.com

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