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Subject: CLARIFICATIONS: "summary of behaviors" table (

[This message concludes Dieter's comments through the end of 3.1]

Ref:  http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/cgmo-webcgm/200509/msg00093.html
Comments:  28

Dieter writes a 3-part comment to clarify the table in  This is editorial (the table is informative), but I'll put it out for approval and/or suggestions for improvement:

row 1: target attribute of 'a' does not receive a picBehavior but an HTML target. Missing link on URI fragment

Although we have tried (in to combine the link-to-CGM and link-to-HTML behaviors under the phrase "picture behavior", and qualify how it differs depending on the target (CGM vs. HTML), Dieter suggests that we haven't succeeded adequately.  Proposal:  change the header of the middle column of the table to, "picBehavior**".  Under the table, put a footnote:  "** The behavior, as defined in @@, depends upon the target content type, for HTML link targets effectively matching HTML's @@"Frame Target Names"@@, and for CGM link targets being an extended derivative of that specification."

row 2: 3rd param is an HTML target, not a picBehavior in this case

See previous.

row 3: picTerm in fragment is deprecated??? I didn't know this, and I don't find this anywhere else in the spec.

Editorial glitch -- this was meant to refer specifically to the use of the picterm fragment bit attached to the first parameter (the URI) of the 3-parameter linkuri SDR.  We'll clarify the table: "discouraged:  picTerm fragment attached to URI in 1st parameter of linkuri (ref)".  I can also make the 'ref', which now points to linkuri itself, point instead to the last paragraph (where this is spelled out).

Comments?  Alternate editing proposals?


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