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Subject: Re: WebCGM20-CD2 - Review of Chapter 3

Attached is a document with the additional minor topics (typos, etc) I found
in chapter 3.  Some may overlap with Dieter's input but I submit them
nonetheless.  In the attached file Org stands for original and Corr for
corrected version.  I also listed the section numbers.

In addition to the three comments below I inserted another comment in the
document dealing with the grnode chapter (    This was also
mentioned by Dieter.


-----Original Message-----
From: Ulrich Laesche [mailto:ulrich@ematek.de]
Sent: Mittwoch, 21. September 2005 14:31
To: cgmo-webcgm@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: WebCGM20-CD2 - Review of Chapter 3

I found one fault and two topics which may (or may not) need clarification.

1) In section, the table "Object behaviors of WebCGM 2.0" contains
three identical entries "full+addHighlight" which should be
full/zoom/move+addHighlight instead.

2) In section it says: "name - .... All objects in the picture with
matching 'name' attributes are selected."  In section it says:
"For multiple selected objects the target rectangle is the bounding box of
the target rectangles of the individual objects, which latter are computed
according to the preceding 3 bullets."  Finally, in section I read:
"Example 5: http://example.org/webcgm/engine_top.cgm#name(cooling) .... The
view zooms to the first object containing a 'name' attribute with value
"cooling".  Isn't that contradictory, i.e. shouldn't all objects with the
same name be grouped and zoomed in according to the target rectangle as
calculated in  I have really no preference here.

3) In section it says: "move - The viewer shall move (pan) the
illustration such that the target rectangle is centered inside the viewer’s
rectangle. If the target rectangle is too large, the viewer shall fit the
target rectangle into the viewer’s rectangle and center it."  What if the
viewer rectangle is larger than the target rectangle and if the target
rectangle is too close to the image border to be centered within the viewer
rectangle?  In MetaWeb we currently move the target rectangle AS CLOSELY AS
POSSIBLE into the center while respecting the image borders.  This may be
implied already in the description though.

I have a number of small typos and two cosmetic issues which I will submit
later today.  Also, the WebCGMEvent example is ready and will be submitted
to the ftp site as well.  Unfortunately, I cannot participate in today's
phone conference but will still finish my contributions later today.

Thanks and regards


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