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Subject: QUESTION: about 'move' centering behavior. [was Re: [cgmo-webcgm] WebCGM20-CD2 - Review of Chapter 3]

At 02:31 PM 9/21/2005 +0200, Ulrich Laesche wrote:
>3) In section it says: "move - The viewer shall move (pan) the
>illustration such that the target rectangle is centered inside the viewer's
>rectangle. If the target rectangle is too large, the viewer shall fit the
>target rectangle into the viewer's rectangle and center it."  What if the
>viewer rectangle is larger than the target rectangle and if the target
>rectangle is too close to the image border to be centered within the viewer
>rectangle?  In MetaWeb we currently move the target rectangle AS CLOSELY AS
>POSSIBLE into the center while respecting the image borders.  This may be
>implied already in the description though.

Good point.

SUGGESTION:  clarify the wording of 'move'.  The centering operation of 
'move' shouldn't require to move the edge of the VDC Extent (the image 
border) significantly into the viewer rectangle, should it?


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