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Subject: re: [cgmo-webcgm] why not use 'data' on <object>?


  > All (esp. implementers) --

  > I just noticed that everyone passes NUBS01 test, even those without a DOM 
  > implementation.  This is curious, as the CGM is loaded thusly in the HTML 
  > harness:
  > ><body onload="document.getElementById('ivx1').getWebCGMDocument().src=   > >'NUBS01.cgm';">
  > >...
  > ><object id="ivx1" type="image/cgm;Version=4;ProfileId=WebCGM" width="400" 
  > >height="400">

  > Am I missing something, or does this require a DOM implementation to load 
  > the CGM?  Of course, the non-DOM implementations that have "pass" could 
  > mean that they view the same as the reference picture, when viewing the 
  > HTML standalone.

Good observation. We had to implement the basic getWebCGMDocument() 
interface before we could use the HTML on the Statics to load the CGM.

  > But my real question is:  why not just use the 'data' attribute on the 
  > <object> element (per section 3.4 of WebCGM)?  Do all implementers handle 
  > it properly?
We don't support the 'da'ta' attribute.

Or you can use the <OBJECT .... params="src" value="NUBS01.cgm">
to load the CGM in a non-DOM viewer.

  > -Lofton.

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