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Subject: Re: [cgmo-webcgm] Enable/disable background

Hi Benoit,

Perhaps you should circulate a screenshot of what you think the result 
should look like -- I can read the HTML and SVG and guess, but I get two 
very different results in Netscape 7.2 and IE 6.0.


At 11:49 AM 4/11/2006 -0400, Benoit Bezaire wrote:
>   It seems like people have different interpretations of what
>   enable/background means. (Maybe the spec is not clear enough)
>   Here's an SVG example what I'm assuming it should do. This is the
>   same SVG files being referenced twice (once with a transparent
>   background, the other with an opaque background). The example is
>   using IE/Adobe/Flash's 'wmode' attribute.
>   Please save all files to a local folder and open sample.html in a
>   IE/Adobe viewer 3.0 environment.
>   Please let us know if you believe that your implementation supports
>   this functionality.
>  Benoit   mailto:benoit@itedo.com
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