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Subject: getAppStructureById?


I'm struggling with the definition of the getAppStructureById. In the spec 
it indicates that getAppStructureById returns a WebCGMNode. 

But the examples and tests imply that it is returning a WebCGMAppStructure
object, e.g.
In this example it is using pic.getAppstructure("A"); to get
"obj" floowed by obj.setAppStructureAttr. But if "obj" is of type 
WebCGMNode, it doesn't have a setAppStructureAttr member?

I understand that WebCGMnode is the base of  the WebCGMAppStructure 
interface and so inherits the attributes of WebCGMNode. But WebCGMNode 
doesn't inherit from WebCGMAppStructure. 

So What am I missing here?


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