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Subject: Re: [cgmo-webcgm] getAppStructureById?

At 03:46 PM 4/17/2006 -0500, Don Larson wrote:
>I'm struggling with the definition of the getAppStructureById. In the spec
>it indicates that getAppStructureById returns a WebCGMNode.

While studying your message and the text [1],
I notice that the getAppStructureById description says, "Return value 
boolean; true if this node has any children, false otherwise."  Looks like 
a cut-paste error that no one noticed before.

This should be an erratum, regardless of how we resolve your 
WebCGMNode/WebCGMAppStructure question

>But the examples and tests imply that it is returning a WebCGMAppStructure
>object, e.g.
>In this example it is using pic.getAppstructure("A"); to get
>"obj" floowed by obj.setAppStructureAttr. But if "obj" is of type
>WebCGMNode, it doesn't have a setAppStructureAttr member?

(The example you're referring to is actually at ...#L5010, in case anyone 
else got confused like me.)

>I understand that WebCGMnode is the base of  the WebCGMAppStructure
>interface and so inherits the attributes of WebCGMNode. But WebCGMNode
>doesn't inherit from WebCGMAppStructure.
>So What am I missing here?

You and Benoit seem to agree that it ought to be changed (and so do I, FWIW).

Will someone submit precise proposed changes to the text (incl. Ch.8, 
ECMAScript), please?  I think I know, but let's start documenting and 
compiling the comprehensive changes list now.


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