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Subject: Fwd: request a process to combine SGML/XML and CGM graphics to create a PDF TM

All --

Harry submits this question.  Please feel to answer to the TC list if possible (or directly to Harry if your answer is not "public").  If to TC list, remember to copy him (he's going to join the TC list, but has not yet done so.)


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Subject: request a process to combine SGML/XML and CGM graphics to create a PDF TM
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 19:39:42 -0400
Thread-Topic: request a process to combine SGML/XML and CGM graphics to create a PDF TM
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From: "Whittaker, Harry W CIV NSWCCD W. Bethesda, 2200" <harry.whittaker@navy.mil>
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Hello everyone,

I need your assistance in offering solutions.
I have a vendor who is our IETM solutions provider and integrator for one of
my Marine Corps customers.  We have provided them XML text and CGM
version 4 files created to the WebCGM profile.  All of these files function
and look fine in the IETM.  But as you know DOD still has a paper/PDF
requirement.  To date the PDF renditions of the CGM files are at best poor
quality.  Some examples, many lines are of different shades/line weight,
numbers are not appearing within its balloon callout, certain text that are
readable and visible in the CGM file are missing letters in the PDF file,
other text such as a file name or picture ID is smashed together and hard
to impossible to read.

If any one has any ideas or knows certain settings that can be used in specific
software packages that will produce better results I would appreciate any
and all assistance.

Unfortunately there is not any additional funds for services associated with
this project.  I just need to be able to utilize (better) the products being used
or offer and alternative software approach.  The current commercial software
products being used are ISODraw, Antenna house's XSL formatter 3, and of course
the Adobe products.

On a completely separate note does any one know a good package or process
to be able to create loose leaf change page inserts (swap out old pages for new pages)
that can be inserted into an existing PDF or hard copy manual?


Harry Whittaker
(o) 301-227-3388
(f)  301-227-3106
DSN    287-3388
E-Mail harry.whittaker@navy.mil

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