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Subject: Did we miss something? - Catching up - the Dark side is back ! ;-P

Catching up on this discussion !!! i do not like the idea to be a trouble maker (even if I know I am).

Did we miss something? http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/cgmo-webcgm/email/archives/200604/msg00009.html

Quote from Ben "Franck mapping of ATA companion file to XCF maps most things to ATA namespace"

The question and the remark are good indeed, but I think I have part of the answer:
First on grobject:
	<!ENTITY % grobjectAttEXT "
		atans:refloc CDATA #IMPLIED
		atans:name CDATA #IMPLIED
		atans:viewcontext CDATA #IMPLIED
		atans:region CDATA #IMPLIED
		atans:regiontype CDATA #IMPLIED
		atans:assembly CDATA #IMPLIED
		atans:behavior CDATA #IMPLIED">

	- refloc, regiontype, assembly and behavior are pure ATA attributes.
	- name is not included in the webcgm xcf dtd (although being retrievable by the DOM
	- for viewcontext and region the grobject content model has been updated between draft 3 (2005-02-08) and draft 2 (2004-12-06).
		- When finalizing our mapping to XCF for the ATA we did not use this updated version of the XCF and therefore we mapped to the atans region and viewcontext unecessearily.

Second on webcgm:
	<!ATTLIST webcgm id ID #IMPLIED
		version CDATA #FIXED '2.0'
		filename CDATA #IMPLIED
		xmlns CDATA #FIXED "http://www.cgmopen.org/schema/webcgm/";
		background-color CDATA #IMPLIED
		pictureVisibility ( on | off) #IMPLIED

	- apsnbr, imgarea, unit, imgwid, imghg tare pure ATA attributes. No issue there.

	During its evolution, WebCGM 2.0 XCF has taken some requirements I had for data exchange on-board (region and viewcontext) and put aside some of them (as discussued in the initial Köln meeting). We miss the synchronization on the DTD change when proposing the ATA mapping: my fault. Sorry for that.
	Issue is closed? (For me it is).

Franck DULUC
Technical Data Research Manager
Customer Services - SDND

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