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Subject: Text searching


  On the call today, Chris asked me the following question... Assume
  we have:

  (approx syntax)
  BEGAPS 'myPara'
   APSATTR 'content' 'Hello';
   BEGAPS 'mySubpara'
    APSATTR 'content' 'World';

  And he does a text search on the string "Hello World", will he get a
  hit, yes or no?

  I believe this to be an indirect way of asking/answering if
  'subpara' is an inline or a block.

  If we say, yes there's a hit, then we've defined 'subpara' as
  inline, if we say, no there's no hit, it's a block.

  What's the answer?
  The specification says the following (for para)... The WebCGM
  prescription for priority of text search matching is: 'para' with
  matching 'content' (1st priority match); 'para' without 'content'
  but with recognizable single-element RESTRICTED TEXT match (2nd
  priority match); or, single-element RESTRICTED TEXT match, outside
  of any 'para' (3rd priority match).
  And for subpara: See, 'para'.
  In other words, it's not specified :(

  Chris made it relatively clear that if we want to have these APS
  types in WebCGM 2, we need to improve how they are specified.

  So here are some thoughts...
  I see RESTRICTED TEXT as a block.
  I see APPEND TEXT as an inline.

  So regardless of para/subpara/content... If 'Hello' is in a
  RESTRICTED TEXT and 'World' in a child APPEND TEXT, a search on
  "Hello World" would generate a hit. Anyone agrees with me?

  I would be tempted to use the same logic on 'content'. I.e., if
  'content' is specified on a para, it's a block. If it's specified on
  a child subpara, it's an inline. However, I don't know if the
  current search functionality provided by vendors adopts the same

  I'm still waiting for more information from Chris about this, but
  why not get the conversation started right away within the group?


 Benoit   mailto:benoit@itedo.com

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