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Subject: proposed changes before LC review

All --

(A topic for 5/10 telecon...)

If the current AC Review succeeds and a WG is formed, it is likely that the 
earliest opportunity for a first WG teleconference would be 31st May, 3 
weeks from tomorrow.

It is agreed, for W3C processing, that any known errata and changes should 
be applied to the W3C WebCGM 2.0 spec. before it begins W3C Last Call 
review.  The role of the OASIS TC is to propose the changes to the W3C WG.

To avoid more wasted time, the TC should have a concise list of proposed 
spec. changes ready at the time of the first WG telecon.  In other words, 
we (the TC) have 3 weeks and 3 teleconferences (counting 5/10) to produce 
the document.

Current status:

1.) All but a couple of CL's new comments are resolved to the point where 
concise proposed spec. changes can be written down.

2.) The attached document, sent to me by Dave, reflects his recorded status 
of prior, post-CS issues and dispositions.  Some attention is in order 
before we have precise proposed changes.

I'm about halfway through #2, and I know we need to review some of those 
things -- I'm not confident that I can derive a precise, consensus 
recommended spec. change in all cases.

We should start to go through it with any extra telecon time tomorrow 
(5/10).  Please try to have a look-through in advance.



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