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Subject: Re: [cgmo-webcgm] proposed changes before LC review

All --

We also need to make sure our list is complete!  For example, this thread ,
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/cgmo-webcgm/200604/msg00089.html ,
leads to a needed correction in the DOM chapter and ECMAscript chapter.

If you are aware of any other omissions, please point them out (to the list).


At 04:16 PM 5/9/2006 -0600, Lofton Henderson wrote:
>All --
>(A topic for 5/10 telecon...)
>If the current AC Review succeeds and a WG is formed, it is likely that 
>the earliest opportunity for a first WG teleconference would be 31st May, 
>3 weeks from tomorrow.
>It is agreed, for W3C processing, that any known errata and changes should 
>be applied to the W3C WebCGM 2.0 spec. before it begins W3C Last Call 
>review.  The role of the OASIS TC is to propose the changes to the W3C WG.
>To avoid more wasted time, the TC should have a concise list of proposed 
>spec. changes ready at the time of the first WG telecon.  In other words, 
>we (the TC) have 3 weeks and 3 teleconferences (counting 5/10) to produce 
>the document.
>Current status:
>1.) All but a couple of CL's new comments are resolved to the point where 
>concise proposed spec. changes can be written down.
>2.) The attached document, sent to me by Dave, reflects his recorded 
>status of prior, post-CS issues and dispositions.  Some attention is in 
>order before we have precise proposed changes.
>I'm about halfway through #2, and I know we need to review some of those 
>things -- I'm not confident that I can derive a precise, consensus 
>recommended spec. change in all cases.
>We should start to go through it with any extra telecon time tomorrow 
>(5/10).  Please try to have a look-through in advance.

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