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cgmo-webcgm message

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Subject: namespace, sys. identifier, etc


Question:  should any of this stuff in 4.2.3 be different in a W3C version 
of the standard?

My initial inclination is "no".  For example, if there is one and only one 
XCF syntax (which we clearly desire), then I don't think we want two 
different, equivalent XCF namespace URIs, do we?  The namespace URI doesn't 
dereference to anything normative (but rather to a little user-friendly 
placeholder explanation).

But in that same section, the System Identifier, 
http://docs.oasis-open.org/webcgm/v2.0/webcgm20.dtd , does dereference to 
the normative DTD.

On the premise that we don't want equivalent but different 
OASIS-compliant-XCFs and W3C-compliant-XCFs, I think both versions need to 
say the same thing here.  It does bring up an interesting logistical detail 
-- when W3C changes webcgm20.dtd during the W3C development cycle, it needs 
to be updated simultaneously in OASIS web space.


I came upon this, because I'm preparing the proposed-changes.html (TC to 
WG) document that we discussed yesterday, and actually trying out the 
recommended edits simultaneously, as a sanity check.

I'm thinking that we should ask Chris about it also, as he has some direct 
experience with cross-organization standards (W3C & ISO on PNG).


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