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Subject: also on FTP -- utf16-sf-name-01

[...I'd like to hear from vendors as soon as they try this test...]


This tests Japanese (utf16) characters in ApsAttr 'name' and a linkuri 
fragment pointing to it.  (Also in screentip.)  As you will see in the text 
on the HTML page, there is no dependence on being able to render graphical 
japanese text, just on the non-graphical bits.

This is an extremely important test!  As we have seen, CL and I18N people 
in W3C are very keen on this functionality.

There are a couple of minor things that I want to fix, but I thought it 
more important to make it available in workable form immediately.
1.) font is Arial and there is an associated Font Properties (which is okay 
in principle).
2.) the Font Prop needs 5, 1, 2 as the Design Group integers, and it needs 
1 for the Structure.

3.) Small flaw in the reference image.

4.) Note that this test runs up against the implementation dependency that 
we left in the zoom behavior -- since it is at the edge of the VDC Extent, 
we said you can center in view window or leave it at the edge.  Without 
re-raising that issue ... would it be better to make a test that didn't 
have an implementation dependent reference (visual) result?

Implementors -- please tell me asap, do you pass it or not?  If NOT, then 
when do you think you will pass it?


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