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Subject: about proposed-changes-d2.zip


Unzip it to a directory.  Then browse proposed-changes-local.html.  It is 
mostly finished now, including CL-driven changes.

In post-CS changes, there are a couple remaining -- AIs to various people 
as identified in Agenda of 16-may telecon.

1.) an outstanding AI to clarify/finish the "object onload parameter" item 
2.) an AI to fix the 5.7.9 & 5.7.10 examples (SG/BB,DL,UL).

(These AIs are past due!)

In CL issues, there are a couple remaining:  global look at where to 
replace the term "URI" with "IRI" and where not (editorial); get style for 
proper unicode (utf-8 and utf-16) references (for "Normative references" 
section) out of CharMod.

There is one change that probably needs a little tuning yet:  #18.  It 
currently reflects my best understanding of what we agreed last time.  I'm 
a little unsure about the specific revision and downplaying of the 1.0 
search stuff in the 'para' (  I suggested something and there was 
some "yeah, okay, ..." without any real discussion.

All proposed changes have to be endorsed by the TC.  We will need to 
approve and vote the document forward no later than 24th May telecon.


At 12:12 AM 5/17/2006 +0000, lofton@rockynet.com wrote:
>Most of post-CS and CL-inspired changes are included now. -- Lofton 
>Henderson* The document named proposed-changes-d2.zip has been submitted 
>by Lofton Henderson* to the OASIS CGM Open WebCGM TC document repository. 
>Document Description: View Document Details: 
>PLEASE NOTE:  If the above links do not work for you, your email 
>application may be breaking the link into two pieces.  You may be able to 
>copy and paste the entire link address into the address field of your web 
>browser. -OASIS Open Administration

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