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Subject: Re: [cgmo-webcgm] Groups - proposed-changes-d2.zip uploaded


Unzip into a directory, and browse proposed-changes-local.html.

I applied changes per 5/17 telecon.  This is pretty much finished now.  We 
will approve (or not) its forwarding to the new WebCGM WG at the 5/24 
telecon.  That is the drop-dead for substantive comments and changes (will 
entertain editorials right up till actual submission).  Please send any 
comment to TC list in advance of 5/24.

I think this version addresses all CL comments, and all other 
issues/errors, except:

1.) I haven't made the URI->IRI change yet (globally).  It requires looking 
at each instance and deciding whether it should be URI or IRI.

2.) CL-c10 is still pending:  Ben's fine analysis finally shows what the 
problem is.  The solution is not quite as obvious.  We could just go "as 
SVG", but I think that will introduce a couple of small details that people 
might not like.  "Per slightly modified SVG" is my current thinking.  I am 
composing some thoughts and will send them.  It might be a good discussion 
topic for 5/24.

If anyone notices any omissions -- things that ought to be in 
proposed-changes but are not -- point them out please.

(Btw, if you are observant, you will notice a couple things in 
Appendices/Change Log that are not in proposed-changes.  That is intention 
for small, purely editorial (e.g. typo) things noticed by editor or others.)


At 01:49 PM 5/19/2006 +0000, lofton@rockynet.com wrote:
>Updated per 5/17 telecon, pretty much finished now. -- Lofton Henderson* 
>The document revision named proposed-changes-d2.zip has been submitted by 
>Lofton Henderson* to the OASIS CGM Open WebCGM TC document repository. 
>This document is revision #1 of proposed-changes-d2.zip. Document 
>Description: View Document Details: 
>Revision: This document is revision #1 of proposed-changes-d2.zip.  The 
>document details page referenced above will show the complete revision 
>history. PLEASE NOTE:  If the above links do not work for you, your email 
>application may be breaking the link into two pieces.  You may be able to 
>copy and paste the entire link address into the address field of your web 
>browser. -OASIS Open Administration

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