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Subject: AppStructure-interactivity test


Last telecon I was given the action item to fix the
test.  Here is a corrected version of the test.  If I understand section
and 5.4.2 correctly the final test (the Start 5 button) should return
because the interactivity is never set.  I would have also expected to 
see a null after calling removeAppStructureAttr("interactivity");

What do others think.

Stuart Galt
SGML Resource Group
(206) 544-3656


Title: AppStructure, interactivity Test Page

AppStructure, interactivity Test Page

Source image Reference image
Test results
Initiate TestPurposeTest ResultComments
Done on loadget initial 'interactivity' values:NANA
sets 'interactivity' of larger plane to 'off':NAPassed if APS is interactive before pressing button and non-interactive (cursor must not change, screentip must not be shown) after being pressed.
'interactivity' and inheritanceNAPassed if entire fleet becomes non-interactive except one small plane (top-left) remains interactivity.
retrieves current 'interactivity' values:NANA
remove 'interactivity' attributes:NAPassed if all APS are interactivity and call to getAppStructureAttr returns null string.


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