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Subject: Re: [cgmo-webcgm] Highlight test

My opinion:  the behaviors should be as you specify, and "yes", in Step 2 C 
and D should no longer be highlighted.

If "highlight" were a Style Property, then that would definitely happen, 
according to the SP rules in 5.7.5 and the SP inheritance definitions in 5.4.

But highlight() is a method, that can be applied to a collection of nodes 
(instead of just one at a time like setStyleProperty).  I have always 
assumed it behaved like a Style Property, but I can't find where it 
actually says that in the spec.  I would think some pretty bizarre things 
would happen if highlight() did not inherit like a SP.

Does anyone think that highlight() doesn't behave as if it were a SP that 
is applied to a list of nodes instead of just one node at a time?


At 02:25 PM 5/29/2006 -0700, Galt, Stuart A wrote:
>Attached is an incomplete test for Picture-highlight but I wanted to get
>some comments before it becomes part of the testsuite.
>The CGM chosen for the test has nested objects.  A contains B that
>C that contains D.
>Step 1:  Sets the highlight on B to true.
>Step 2:  Sets the highlight on C to false.
>Step 3:  Sets the highlight on A to true.
>Step 4:  Sets the highlight on A to false.
>In Step 1 I would expect B,C&D to highlight (B contains C and D).
>In Step 2 should C and D be no longer highlighted?
>I will make the PNG that goes with the test when I get back to
>Seattle next week.  I would be interested in hearing what the
>results of Step 2 should be.
>Stuart Galt
>SGML Resource Group
>(206) 544-3656

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