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Subject: 2D animation - use case

To supplement the telecon discussion in the morning on animation:

Use case:

"In general, training materials often use Flash to do animation. But it
can be expensive to "program". Specific kinds of things might include
showing a hydraulic valve opening/closing and then water flowing in/out
of a system on a schematic, or powering up an aircraft and the chain of
electrical/mechanical events that occur."
Currently, CGM V4 is used to create "discount animation".- it is a big
rough looking, but CGM V4 can be animated using layering/hotspotting
techniques and then "played" at runtime by controlling visibility of
layers that have the art to be animated."


Technical Fellow - Graphics/Digital Data Interchange
Boeing Commercial Airplane
206.544.3560, fax 206.662.3734

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