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cgmo-webcgm message

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Subject: RE: an ISO 8632 defect report?

WebCGM TC --

Following up on my action item, I have checked with Dick Puk, Convenor of 
SC24/WG6, about a defect report on CGM V4.

It looks encouraging.  Best case, it could be finished by mid-July.  Worst 
case, early October.  Actually, I guess the real worst case is 
"never".  But I have trouble anticipating serious objections, if it is 
persuasively presented...

CGM allows text attributes to change in TOS (Text Open State), e.g., to 
emphasize parts of a substring by style changes.  It makes perfect sense 
that Beg/End APS should also be allowed, to attach non-graphical metadata 
to those substrings.  After all, if one is changing the graphical 
appearance of a substring, it is probably because of some associated 
non-graphical significance or meaning, right?

I'll prepare a candidate defect report and fly it by the TC for review and 


AAt 12:38 PM 5/27/2007 -0600, Richard F. Puk wrote:
>Hi, Lofton --
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Lofton Henderson [mailto:lofton@rockynet.com]
> > Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2007 10:50 AM
> > To: Richard F. Puk
> > Subject: an ISO 8632 defect report?
> >
> > [...resending, originally sent on 5/23...]
> >
> > Hi Dick,
> >
> > Are you still active in SC24 and WG6?
>I am the Convener of WG6 although I also spend quite a bit of time in WG8.
> >
> > We have discovered something in CGM Version 4 that all key
> > practitioners
> > think is a mistake, an oversight.  The proper approach is to
> > correct it
> > first in ISO CGM, then in the WebCGM profile.  I have been
> > assigned to
> > investigate the feasibility of "do it right".
> >
> > What would be the way to start a Defect Report?
>I have attached a Defect Form. Fill it out including the Properties listed
>on the File menu item. Then send it back to me. I will review it and send it
>on the Jose Alcorta, SC24 Secretariat. He will circulate it to WG6. If you
>can get it to me by June 6. I will process it so we can discuss it at the
>WG6 meeting in Tokyo, July 10. I have also attached some previously
>processed CGM defects for guidance.
> > How long do you guess it would take to process a simple Defect Report,
> > assuming that it is uncontroversial?
>Assuming it can be handled by meeting vote, we may be able to get it
>approved in Tokyo. Otherwise, it will have to go out for an SC24 ballot
>which would probably take another month or two. So best case would be July
>13. If it requires a ballot, I would expect it to be approved by around
>October 1.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > -Lofton.
> >
>How have you been and where are you? Is "rockynet" a Boulder ISO? Please
>send me your contact info so I can update my records.
>   -- Dick
>* Richard F. Puk, Ph.D., President
>* Intelligraphics Incorporated
>* 7644 Cortina Court
>* Carlsbad, CA  92009-8206
>* Tel: +1-760-753-9027
>* E-Mail: puk@igraphics.com
>* WWW:  http://www.igraphics.com/

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