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Subject: More test coverage analysis [was re: [cgmo-webcgm] draft 2.0 pro-forma]

Thanks for the feedback, Don.

All, let's discuss this also at the telecon...

At 01:38 PM 8/5/2008 -0500, Don wrote:
>  >  2.) What about the "*" items in the Dynamic V4 section -- basic tests 
> that
>  >  were desirable but never written (e.g., 'subpara')?  There are 5 of
>  >  'em:  fragment-browserBug-BE-04*, otherAPS-subPara-BE-03*,
>  >  otherAPS-subPara-BE-04*, otherAPS-layer-BE-05*,
>  >  otherAPS-contentModel-BE-06*.  Should we add tests for: 
> none?  all?  some?
>I'm thinking none.

Fair enough.  Let's discuss (telecon) the rationale behind that choice.

I might lean slightly towards "some":  a basic test of 'subpara' and 
'layer'.  (When I say "basic", I mean to exclude stuff like sub-string APS, 
which is going to be tested elsewhere in stuff that Stuart is writing.)

>  >  3.) trans-cell-color and trans-cell-color-escape?  I recall that we made
>  >  tests for Transparent Cell Colour (V3 element) and for the equivalent
>  >  Escape 22 (both written by Dave, as I recall).  In fact, I have the test
>  >  files in a working subdirectory of the 2.0 suite, including reference
>  >  images.  The names are trans-cell-color and 
> trans-cell-color-escape.  Does
>  >  anyone recall anything about these, and what might be the reason that 
> they
>  >  aren't in the test suite (i.e., other than "editor error")?
>There's already an escape01.cgm and escape02.cgm which test Esc22 so
>"trans-cell-color-escape" maybe redundant. I can't think of a reason why
>"trans-cell-color" should not be in test suite though.

Ah, yes.  It tests both Cell Array and pattern interior style.

Attached are the ones that were written during 2.0 TS construction.  Just 
Cell Array I think, for the V3 TCC control element and for the TCC 
Esc.22.  Let's talk (telecon) about the V3 TCC test, at least.




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