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Subject: re: [cgmo-webcgm] Test Matrix looking for a home.


Why not put it on the FTP site along with the test files. 
That would be a handy spot. 


 >  Hello all,

 >  I have attached an initial version of the test matrix.  It shuold
 >  probably have a 
 >  publicly available semi-permanent home.  Ideally it will be updated
 >  often as the 
 >  test entries get added and the status changes to the various stages on
 >  the way
 >  to approved.  I am looking for ideas of where to put this file or how to
 >  create 
 >  a link in kavi to the most recent version of something.

 >  Also this is a plea to please submit the test titles and a brief "one
 >  liner" 
 >  so we can put your test on the table.  If you have an idea about when it
 >  will
 >  be ready to be submitted that is even better.

 >  Thank you
 >  Stuart

 >  --
 >  Stuart Galt
 >  SGML Resource Group
 >  stuart.a.galt@boeing.com
 >  (206) 544-3656

 >  Attached File: \\appsrv\goldmine\mailbox\attach\test_matrix.html
 >  ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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